Control systems of industrial mechanisms and installations (robotics: 3-axis portal)  
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State Engineering University of Armenia -


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The Module presents introductory course of Automated Electromechanical Systems of the Industrial Mechanisms such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools, or roboticsmulti-axis system that are widely used in modern manufacturing in factories or storage facilities (for passing on work pieces to processing or sorting unit) being automated in a large degree. In the Modules main group of automated production processes are considered. Considerable attention is paid to the modern industrial 3-coordinate robots` theory, construction and application in the Automated Robotic complexes.  

The Module is intendedfor undergraduate and graduate courses such as Computer-Aided Control of Typical Industrial Installations, Automated Electrical Drives, etc.The Modulecan be also used by engineers and technicians who want to acquire theoretical and practical skills on design and maintenance of hardware&software of Industrial Cartesian robots.