Renewable energy  
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Ilia State University Avtandil Tavkhelidze (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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The experiments in this manual make use of only four of the available analogue inputs as well as several digital outputs which, in conjunction with the HELEx board, are able to implement voltmeters, ammeters and programmable loads for use throughout this manual. Rather than providing several independent instruments as the NI ELVIS does for other EMONA plug-in accessory boards (such as EMONA DATEx TelecomsTrainer and the EMONA FOTEx Fiber optics trainer), these instruments are all merged into one full-screen virtual instrument for the HELEx board known as the HELEx Main soft front panel (SFP). When an NI ELVIS unit is connected to a PC it will automatically run the Instrument Launcher panel. This panel gives the user access to each individual instrument. However these are not used by the HELEx and this “Instrument Launcher” panel can be closed. When using NI ELVIS with the EMONA HELEx board to conduct solar energy and hydrogen fuel cell experiments the user will run the HELEx Main SFP VI. There are four customized meters which graphical and numeric output as well as control panel for the electronic load, and a number of customized data input/output display panels (selected by tabs) for the numerous experiments in this manual. These instruments are taking their signals directly from the HELEx board via the EMONA ETT-040 Universal Base Board, into the ELVISmx circuitry, and after processing by LabVIEW are displayed on screen as required. The combination of the LabVIEW programmability of the NI ELVIS unit as well as the numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs available make it convenient to create customized instrumentation for use in real world hands-on experimentation. The MONA HELEx board is a good example of this integration of available hardware and the software control. The experiment For this experiment you’ll connect your NI ELVIS unit to your PC, view the Instrument Launcher and run the HELEx Main SFP.