Technologies and systems of virtual and remote engineering  
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Zaporizhzhya National Technical University Parkhomenko A.V. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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Today Remote Laboratories are successfully developed and implemented worldwide. An observation is that the vast majority of already implemented experiments and installations with remote access are used as pure educational resources and that the possibilities for the professional researcher or designer are not fully explored. On the other hand the Embedded Systems market is permanently evolving and requires the creation of more complex systems in an increasingly shorter period of time. Under these conditions, the development of systems "from scratch" is not effective. Therefore, one of the key areas to improve the efficiency of Embedded Systems design is the accumulation of technical solutions for reuse. This (reuse) of knowledge can be illustrated and trained in virtual and remote laboratories. The disunity of descriptions of already developed components (hardware units, programs, algorithms implementations, etc.) hinders their reuse, but the application of virtual and remote experiments will allow the designer to obtain information about ready hardware and software platforms and components for making decisions on the Embedded Systems realization.