Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

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CUAS has 1700 students and is running about 30 bachelor and master programms in engineering, health and business. The School of Systems Engineering, Villach is running study programs ,established in accordance with the demands of industry (2 bachelor programs and 2 master programms in engineering and information technologies) . CUAS is involved in national and international projects on e-learning, one of the research focus is technology-enhanced learning (Center of Competence „e-learning and Online Labs“):

  • Practicum to Improve Ukrainian eLearning System (Tempus SCM - grant holder)
  • Development of a joint curricula for a joint EU Master of Remote Engineering (Erasmus - coordinator)
  • Projects in Training in advanced Remote Engineering Technologies (Erasmus - coordinator)
  • Virtual Electronic Laboratory & Online Lab Austria founded by the Austrian ministry of education (coordinator)
  • Strategy of Implementation of eLearning in Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria.

Role of the organisation in the project:

P2 will organize F2F workshops (WP4) for the teachers/lecturers of P6-P12,P20, provide training for authors and tutors for special subject in frame of training organized by P1, support TC training for future tutors/authors, support and monitor pilot training for participants from P6-P22. P2 will take part in WP7, prepare reports, communicate with P1, and take part in all meetings. In WP1 it will help at preparation of e-surveys and analyse results from industrial members. In WP3 it will provide learning materials, with TC partners support to design, adaptation and development 5 learning modules, set up remote lab for P8,P12, draw up manuals. In WP5 it will participate in evaluation, certification, and planning of activities after the project lifetime. In WP6 it will participate in dissemination activities, final iCo-op conference(Spain) and prepare an internal organizational plan to exploit the deliverables.

Contact person: 

Prof.Dr Andreas Prester

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