Circuit logical design and implementation on FPGA  
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American University of Armenia Sargis Zeytunyan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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The Course presents the hardware logical design principles, teaches the students how to create and analyze the combinational and sequential logic circuits using different software tools. Different examples of combinational and sequential logic circuits with different level of complexity are created and simulated. Some circuits are implemented on the rapid prototyping board FPGA chip and are verified by applying real signals.
Learning Objectives
• Theory: Learn the logical design principles for combinational logic circuits and memory elements.
• Practice: Create logical circuits and implement them on physical media.
Learning Outcomes
The students completing the course are expected to possess the following knowledge and skills:
• Recognize and describe various hardware components in digital systems.
• Design combinational logic blocks.
• Analyze the circuits using timing diagrams.
• Verify the functionality of circuits on the physical media.