Modeling of electromechanical systems  
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National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” Alexander Osychev (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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The course provides students with the knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for mathematical and computerized simulation of electromechanical systems of automatic control (based on electric drive). This course is a tool for further studying of various systems of electric drives control during the process of education and self-learning.
Objectives of the course:
1. Shape student’s understanding of the role and place of simulation as a new tool of daily engineering and scientific activities.
2. Provide knowledge of interrelation and variety of mathematical models representation in the time domain, in the frequency domain and the Laplace image domain, including the use of the matrix device.
3. Establish connection of the subject “Modelling of electromechanical systems” with the information of other vocation-related subjects of senior courses taught by lector.
To obtain the specified knowledge and skills, students should be familiar with physics, the fundamentals of electrical technology, theory of automatic control, electrical machines and theory of electric drive, and have the basic skills of working in the Simulink Matlab package.
For postgraduate engineering education, the total course volume – 20 hours: lectures – 10 hours, laboratory works – 5 hours, individual task – 5 hours. The course includes 5 lectures, 2 laboratory works with the use of education platform National Instruments with the “Microdrives” and “NS ELVIS II” boards, and also individual task.